We all need some help along the way – business decisions can seem complex at moments. ILEC’s Business Coaching brings years of experience to the table, to help guide your years to come.

One-on-one sessions to take your educational consulting business from where it is now to where you want it to be

  • Gain perspective and detailed information to fulfill your vision and goals
  • Receive clear roadmap to improve your skills and outcomes
  • Be held accountable for your productivity and progress
  • Receive boosts of confidence and affirmations

Navigating Business Challenges – Together

Many educational consulting companies are struggling to navigate today’s
challenges for several reasons, such as:
A lack of understanding for the business of education and generating cash flow
Uncertainty about current or future market realities and the understanding of clients’ insights
A misaligned vision and business strategy for educational consulting firms

The Education Industry is Showing Great Promise

Educational consulting companies are also in prime position for growth, according to trends:

  • Since 2016, the educational consulting industry has benefitted from both aggregate macroeconomic growth and specific competition
  • Market size $2.2 Billion …. And growing
  • The educational consulting industry exhibits a low level of market share concentration – meaning room for more experts!
  • Growth in the educational sector for women-owned businesses grew by 10% in 2019


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