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The dream is over, now open your eyes to ILEC’s Business
Fundamentals and Start-up Course.

Online course for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start an educational
consulting business
  • Learn how to create a viable business in the educational marketplace
  • Prepare your entrepreneurial spirit and facing the unknown
  • Establish a brand presence with social meaning and context
  • Lead with style and influence
  • Eliminate unnecessary time and costs
  • Create a powerful AND profitable business solution

Who is this for?

ILEC’s Business Fundamentals & Start-up Course is for anyone who dreams of starting their own educational consulting business. It will work for anyone, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience.

How is this online course structured, and what will I learn?

The course is comprised of 30 hours of instruction broken into six consecutive sessions, and 24 different modules total (4 in each session). You go at your pace, your schedule. Instruction is designed to provide practical, real-life strategies and examples so that all participants are prepared for their business launch.

What is unique about this business program verses others?

ILEC’s course is designed for AND by educators who know the ins-and-outs of operating an educational consulting firm. The course offers a keen focus on business start-up, leading to a successful business launch that will combat incapacity. 

How does it work?

You watch the videos, read your case studies, complete the activities, and use the provided tools and templates.  Participants can also expect to spend time outside of class working on their business plan, conducting market research, and strategic planning. Follow our process and receive your desired results.

Navigating Business Challenges – Together

Many educational consulting companies are struggling to navigate today’s
challenges for several reasons, such as:
A lack of understanding for the business of education and generating cash flow
Uncertainty about current or future market realities and the understanding of clients’ insights
A misaligned vision and business strategy for educational consulting firms

The Education Industry is Showing Great Promise

Educational consulting companies are also in prime position for growth, according to trends:

  • Since 2016, the educational consulting industry has benefitted from both aggregate macroeconomic growth and specific competition
  • Market size $2.2 Billion …. And growing
  • The educational consulting industry exhibits a low level of market share concentration – meaning room for more experts!
  • Growth in the educational sector for women-owned businesses grew by 10% in 2019

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